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Pittsburgh HM-PGH

  This is a true hidden gem of the Youngstown, Boardman Ohio area. Authentic middle eastern cuisine all made fresh on site. The part that separates Sauceeino from all other middle eastern restaurants is the sauce. They are all home made with all special ingredients vegan and gluten-free we enjoyed the place. 


Helen Marie

  Sauceenio is INCREDIBLE! Best place to eat in ALL OF OHIO!! The owner is wonderful and explained the very easy “make your plate/bowl/salad” style restaurant. He also had us sample all of the fresh homemade sauces. I had a bowl and it was enough food for two full meals! Everything tasted fresh and clean. I would recommend this place to all of my friends and family! It’s a great place to order in and sit down, but would be perfect for a quick grab and go too!   The House Sauce was so good we bought a container of it! 


Jim Hilton

  Wow, what can I say. My wife and I will be going back to a place we found by accident. We were concerned when we went in because there was only one person working, but it was no problem at all. I'm sorry I didn't get her name. It was our first time there so she suggested we sample the many different sauces they have. We chose vegan bowls after she graciously explained what the differences were chose our toppings and picked our sauce. We ordered a side of hummus and a couple of pita breads. The food is reasonably priced for what you get and absolutely delicious! I even got a bottle of the sauce they make to bring home. Super hot, but tasty. I asked Google for a Lebanese restaurant and they were first in the list. Now, we have a new place to eat. Try it, you won't be disappointed.2 

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Dan B.

 I love this place so much, everything about it. The first time I came in, I'd never even heard of falafel, so I decided to order two falafel wraps. It was such a value because the wraps are huge, they're all I ate all day. The flavor was amazing, it wasn't like anything I'd ever had before, I came back every day for almost two weeks and got 1-2 falafel wraps every day! Mixing the sauces trying to try them all. Everything is so good, since then I've strayed and tried other wraps and bowls, it's just so fresh here, the care that goes into ingredients, then everything down to the pita is picked to be perfect, I always feel so good after I eat here. This is probably the takeout place I go to the most, it's healthy, fresh, delicious and it's always great when Johnny is in there he's always great to talk to and he's so passionate about what he does and the quality really shows that. I wish it was open at 3am because I could really go for a falafel wrap and Ashta right now 


Rachael M.

 Wow!!! What a great meal!! This was by far the best Mediterranean food I've had. The owner, Johnny, is super friendly and helpful.

I had the pork kebab platter and my husband had the chicken platter. Both were excellent and the sides were even better. We tried the walnut eggplant, which is similar to baba ganoush but better, the hummus, bean salad, summer salad, and pickled veggies. All fresh and simple ingredients.
Since it was our first visit, Johnny walked us through the menu, made recommendations, and gave us samples of sauces to find our taste preferences. He is happy to help and the pride in his work shows. 


jeanne y

 This is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants that we've visited. We got the four-meat platter, and selected two different types of chicken, beef, and lamb. The platter also comes with two sides. The owner was very generous and gave us two additional sides to sample. He also gave us two plates of dessert to sample as well. I would definitely come back here whenever we are in the area. 

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Brenna Lee

Best Mediterranean food in Ohio. We drove here from Akron for the falafel bowl. Sauces are a must try! 


Doug R

  Delicious food. Super friendly. The quality and amount of food you get can't be beat . Love the homemade sauces. 


Violet A

The food is amazing(quality&taste) & the man who owns the place is too! He let me sample all the sauces & veggies, and was just a very nice & inviting person! Fabulous food & at a great price too! 

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Jeffrey S

 Amazing food, friendly service and lots vegetarian options. Colorful and flavorful food, certainly worth the slight detour if traveling along Interstate 80. Thank You Johnny! 


Tessa R

   I would choose this place over Aladdin's any day.
Delicious authentic food. Generous portions. Good price. To go containers are compostable. I had the beef shawarma bowl with tahini sauce and it was a perfect mix of meat, rice, veggies and hummus. One of their big features is their large home made selection of hot sauces that you can taste before ordering on your meal. 


Seth R

 Great food, inviting owner, generous portions. Chicken was great, beef was great, lamb was not what I was expecting (ground lamb, not much seasoning), but the meat quality was good. Lots of vegetarian options so good for groups with different preferences. I cannot stress the kindness of the owner. Great prices. 

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Wayne Ulery

This is my favorite place! I get the mixed plate with lamb, chicken and beef with tabouli and yousfeyie beans. Best Mediterranean in town!

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Renee Workman

  This place is awesome! The food is delicious & so are the sauces you pick out. The sauces are made by the owner. You get to taste the sauces so you can pick what you like best! There is rotisserie chicken & also lamb for the wraps & the dinners. Both are amazing! There is a mango guava mint iced tea & It's excellent! I highly recommend this restaurant! The owner makes a special sauce for his lamb & It's so delicious! 


Megan Love

I woke up this morning thinking about the rest of my plate that I couldn’t finish last night. We stopped in, not long before closing, and we have never felt so welcome. The owner was behind the counter and showed our large party each of their sauces, and made sure we understood the various plate choices. Each of us was amazed by the chicken and beef shawarma, the roast pork (my eyes rolled back in my head), and my super picky youngest wolfed down the lamb so fast I barely got a taste. I can not recommend this restaurant more. I can’t wait for my next trip up here! 


Joshuah D Edwards

  Johnny and his homemade sauces are amazing. I will be visiting when I can. Please franchise in Washington pa!! Incredible healthy Mediterranean food. Johnny explained every sauce he let us sampled. I walked out with a full belly, giant smile and several bottles of his homemade sauces. If you are in Boardman Ohio this is the place you have to go!! 

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Jenny Kozelek Marshall

 My sister and I stopped in this place for lunch while visiting Youngstown. Let me tell you it was awesome. The food was so fresh and delicious. Johnny, the owner was so friendly and nice to us. He made excellent food suggestions and even made us some of his fresh tea to go with our meal. He had about 10 very different homemade sauces to sample upon entering place. We had the mixed grill and were able to get a great idea of several options from the menu. Delicious! Thank you Johnny! 


Kara Ashley Núñez

 We absolutely love the healthy and amazing food here and really crave it almost weekly. It's our go to place when I don't feel like cooking! We love all the delicious meats, sides and sauces and it's been fun to get to know the owner who is so personable and friendly and really goes above and beyond to please. I highly recommend this place!!! 


Joseph Luke Plotts

   It's no secret that I'm not Youngstown's biggest fan. However, this town does have great hidden food spots and this place is awesome. Fresh ingredients, great flavor, super friendly. You can try all the house made sauces before you build your pita. Also, try the homemade tea. I will definitely be back! 

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Andrew Linthicum

I am so happy to have The Pita Wrap literally steps away from my house. My personal favorites include the falaffel, hummus, house pickles, kabob lamb and tabouli to name a few. It can be difficult to find a place that not only serves excellent/quality food along with being healthy and affordable, but this is a place that provides all three. Additionally, the owner is very hospitable and the passion he has shows through everything which is also a reason I am a frequent customer. I definitely encourage everyone to try The Pita Wrap, you will not leave disappointed. 


Tom Thompson

 What can I say to give this guy as much credit as he deserves? Great owner, very personable and friendly. Did not hesitate to let my cousin and I try all of his flavorful sauces, and he even handed us complimentary pieces of chicken, pork, and lamb. As an athlete I try to eat as healthy as possible and I was hooked when he said he didn't have anything with preservatives or nitrites or artificial in the food. Even better, everything I tried I absolutely love and will be a frequent customer. Lots of homemade tastiness that reminded me of some of the best foods I've ever tried! Cheers Johnny! 


Brian DiBacco

   Love this place. Get for lunch multiple days every week. Falafel is amazing and I love the chicken too. So many sauces to choose from and the staff/owner is amazing. Real food pretty fast!! 

Favorite Guest Moment


Vanessa Watson

 Outstanding service and hospitality!!!  We were first time customers and he explained the menu and let us try the a variety of sauces as well as the falafel and the walnut eggplant which was amazing.  We will be returning soon. 


Lyric Hill

  As a tourist of the area, this place doesn't look intriguing from the outside but the inside tells a different story. This place has truly authentic food and the homemade pita chips are outstanding. The workers are the owners (and family) of the restaurant and they are overly nice people. 


Michael Robertshaw

    Thank God a co-worker introduced me to this place.  I am big on finding local places to give my business to and this is one place I am glad I went to.  The food is authentic and the quality and taste are out of this world.  I always get the chicken shawarma and it has never disappointed.  Very friendly staff and the owner treats you like a friend.  Once you eat here, don't forget to spread the word.  I cannot forget to mention the sauces made in-house.  Also wide selection of some of the best sauces you will ever have, and I mean that. 

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Novley and skyler

The food here is amazing! there is a great variety of sauces to choose from and the service and atmosphere is great. I highly Recommend eating here, for all ages!

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Vince Viglione

I can't say enough about both the quality of the food and the service at this establishment. There are a wide variety of savory, sweet, and spicy sauces which are available that are made from fresh vegetables and fruits. The owner is extremely personable and he allowed us to try everything before we made our decisions. After we sat down to eat he brought us hot tea for free which was wonderfully complex and tasty. I will definitely be going out of my way to come back! Absolutely the best!


Julian Cooper

 This place is amazing!!!! 5 star service and some of the best Mediterranean food you can find in this area! Very flavorful and many gluten free and vegan options as well. I however highly recommend the the house chicken wrap. You can't go wrong here! 


Brian DiBacco

Love this place. Get for lunch multiple days every week. Falafel is amazing and I love the chicken too. So many sauces to choose from and the staff/owner is amazing. Real food pretty fast!!

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Gary Hassay


It was really good! The restaurant was impeccably clean. The service staff was very friendly. We got a to-go order and liked the whole thing. Just so you know - the "Jr. Wrap" is going to be what you thought the regular wrap was going to be. Their "Regular Wrap" could be renamed the "You Are Not Going To Believe How Big This Wrap Is" wrap. Wow. I got a dinner, which was good (really - no complaints), but I think I would have liked the wraps better. (I know, I know. Why I didn't get a pita wrap from "The Pita Wrap Cafe"? Point taken.) The only thing more surprising are the prices which are very reasonable. Larger groups may be a problem because the cafe is set up for smaller tables and whatnot. I also didn't see a highchair, so if you have little ones or large groups then I would opt for take-out. If it's anything like what we had, you won't be disappointed. We will certainly return very soon. Next Saturday is "Small Business Saturday," so make it a point to stop over there and support a local business. But, if you're waiting until "Small Business Saturday" to go check this place out, you are waiting far too long. Go tomorrow!


Stephanie Ciardi

Love this place! Makes for a great lunch option being so close to my work. Between the salads, wraps, and number of sauces to choose from, you can get a healthy lunch and have quite a variety. 


Leann Benich

 My boyfriend and I just ate at this amazing place for lunch this afternoon, and I must say...AMAZING food and amazing owners! Love to support our local businesses, especially when they have a product and attitude of excellence. We got the chicken shawarma and the mango & guava smoothie, both were incredible. Never had a smoothie like it in my entire life, and I've tried a lot of smoothies! Can't beat freshness. The Pita wrap is something special and I can't wait to see it expand. Please come to Howland, OH!!! 

Favorite Guest Moment


Nicolette Hassey Booher

 Awesome food at a great price!! Super friendly and clean !!! Love it here! 


Forrest Miller

Excellent food, service and ownership. Will certainly be frequenting another great local business. 


Abbey Miller Bacconi

Flavorful, fresh, fabulous! Can't wait to try something new on our next visit! 

Favorite Guest Moment


Daniele Phillips

I have never said "mmmmmm" so many times while eating my lunch! This place is soo good and has so many absolutely awesome flavors, I can't wait until I am hungry again and can try more! Haven't been so excited about a restaurant in a while. I sooo enjoyed my experience. Awesome service, too. HIGHLY recommended! 


Jonathan Moore

Really good food, haven't really tired Greek before, but I like it. Very good and affordable, everyone should try this place 


Teresa R.

 No you don't know!!!! The I no in  "Saucey I Know" Sauceeino -- is PHENOMENAL.  Vegans and omnivores unite!  Vegan and tremendous healthy greens and beans.... with meat options


Even Fava beans (Barbazelo beans on the menu) are available here. We love the unique varieties and the customization! I had a huge pita wrap and the others had bowls with grains greens beans and with  the several hot sauce and or several milder sauce choices- the flavor combinations are unlimited!! Throw in pickled garnish radish onion cucumber to name a few... and the resulting fast explosions are too numerous to count!!! Wait a minute... there's more with homemade tea organic mint...c'mon man you can't miss out on this place.

I like hot AND the Canfield sauce kept me sweating... but not so much to loose the flavor. The owner/manager was kind and inviting and told me he had some Carolina reapers and scorpions in the back... I have heard of people tapping out with those.... hmmm maybe I will give it a try when we travel back through.

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