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Served Quickly

Speed faster than any other restaurant .  

Our food is created using basic ingredients responsibly sourced straight from nature. Our unique earth-grown flavors, like olive oil, paprika and hummus, make each dish simple, clean and good for you. 

Healthy Meals Full day of healthy eating.


Steak,  Chicken,  Lamb,  Pork


Baba ghannouj Char-grilled eggplant. Hummos Chickpeas and Tahini, Falaffel vegetarian patties, Tabbouleh Parsley, tomato, onion and olive oil salad, Kelly with kale Endive with Kale, Yousfeyieh Bean  A three green bean mix blended, Barbazelo Bean Creamy blend of fava beans pureed.

Highest Quality

Not only does our food come from the healthiest region in the world, it’s rooted in traditional meals that haven’t changed for thousands of years. Slimming down, eating clean or gluten-free. 

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Check out this great video

Check out this great video